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i will be flying up there on saturday to meat at the ground zero mosque. he has agreed to move the location. that cannot happen overnight. but he has agreed to move that. we felt that would be a sign that god would want us to do it. the american people do not want the mosque there. and of course, muslims do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> again that florida preacher's plan to burn the koran this weekend is now canceled. more about this coming up on "nbc nightly news" right after this broadcast. officials in iran today
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announce that had one of the three american hike here's have been detained there will be released on september 11. however, the iranian government refused to say which hiker it would be. reporters in iran were informed by text message today that the release would co-inside with the festival that ends the muslim muslim holy month of ramadan. sarah shourd and two bruise arrested near iran. iran had accused them of spying. a business owner in adams morgan is literally picking up the pieces after a driver slammed right into her restaurant entrance. a drive hit two women who happened to be walking by at that time. the police say the woman behind the wheel has now been charged with driving while drunk. john schriffen has our report. >> reporter: 26-year-olds julia from austria and melissa from
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italy were at the grad school. the friends were tragically mowed down trying to cross florida avenue by an out of control drunk driver. police say it happen when the driver 23-year-old chamica adams from bowie jumped the curb with her 2007 dodge ram. >> another car was coming, either turning up 18 and making a right, or coming across florida avenue and it looked like she was trying to avoid the car. lost control of the car. and hit two pedestrians. >> reporter: adams was arrested on the scene and later charged with dui and aggravated assault. police say her blood alcohol content level was .18. more than double the legal limit. >> i can say -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: she owns the keren restaurant where the car ended up. she said the tv, roof, lights
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were all destroyed. approximately how much damage was done to the store? >> i don't know. i can say 50,000. a lot of damage is inside. inside. the car go inside. >> reporter: she cleaned up the damage. she is thankful the store was closed last night so no one was hurt inside. the two pedestrians are still in the hospital fighting for their lives. >> reporter: and they suffered very serious injuries. we're learning they suffered very serious injuries. julia from as yustria is in the hospital with serious injuries. she has a fractured skull and head trauma. her friend from italy is also in the hospital. she is in serious but stable condition. we have learned she suffered fractures in her face, broken leg as well as bleeding in her brain. john schriffen, news4.
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metro is taking buses off the road because of a safety concern. they removing 99 or ion buses from service. it may have sparked a fire that damaged a bus on i-95 near springfield. metro will shift buses from other divisions show the will be minimal impact. met voe dealing with a new criminal investigation. another metro bus driver has been arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. it is the fourth driver accused of such a crime. darcy spencer is outside metro headquarters with this developing story. >> reporter: according to court documents, the victim has cerebral palsy and is not able to speak very well but she was able to communicate what happened to her, to her mother who then called authorities. a metro access driver has been arrested after a disabled rider accused him of sexually
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assaulting her last month. the victim says the driver, 59-year-old samuel kinston from gaithersburg, fondled her as he escorted her off the van. the victim has cerebral palsy and use as motorized scooter to get around. >> the victim was sexually touched, third degree sexual assault. and we did an investigation on the things of the incident. got a warrant for the driver. >> reporter: kinston does not work for metro but he does work for challenger transportation. a subcontractor for md transportation. the contractor that provides metro access service for these are mentally or physically challenged. according to court documents. kinston is denying the allegations. >> as soon as it was recorded, they took the individual off his route, suspended without pay. >> reporter: this is the fourth time sexual allegations have been made against metro access drivers in the last year. one of those drivers fled the country. metro transit police say officers will take a more active
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role in driver training to make sure they know what is inappropriate and illegal behavior. >> this is a message to the other drivers that they need to the be on their best behavior when they're out there transporting the customers. i said it before and i'll say it again. the large majority of our drivers are here for the right reason and doing the right thing. >> reporter: the van drivers required to pass criminal background check. we're told that kinston had no prior incidents on his record. he is scheduled to appear in court next month. reporting live in northwest. darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you. the man who used to volunteer at the fairfax county school has been accused of sexual battery against children. his name is george ball. he is 75 years old. he turned himself in yesterday afternoon. he was a volunteer at the groveton elementary school in alexandria. a suspicious event was reported at that school back in may. a police investigation into the
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event led to allegations that ball had inappropriately touched two 7-year-old students. he is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual battery. a fast moving fire that drove at least five families from their homes in herndon, virginia this morning. fire officials stay type of siding on the houses, coupled with some brisk winds led to some significant damage there. julie carey has our report. >> reporter: the mid morning fire at the complex even caught the attention of the tower at dulles airport. a resident snapped this photo of the flame that shot from the roof top. dozens of people fled their homes. >> black smoke was everywhere. it was very scary. >> reporter: even before fire crews arrived, residents outside who saw the smoke realized some neighbors might still be inside unaware. these women went door to door knocking. >> the two families at the end,
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we got those guys out. and finally, the fire department, they both open this door where it was burning so. and the dogs came out. >> reporter: some cherished pets were among those rescued. several dogs and cat got out safely. so did this bird. the fairfax firefighters battled smoke and flame that damaged five townhome. investigators suspect the blaze started in a shed behind the unit. the vinyl siding went up quickly. >> you have the vinyl siding that's underneath and with a little bit of wind, it will jump from townhouse to townhouse. it will bypass a fire wall. >> reporter: they were constructed of wood and brick but a few years ago, some of them opted to put on vinyl siding. some 25 yards away from the flames across the backyard, an illustration of how susceptible it to heat. the woodsiding next door was undamaged. this couple is glad to have wood on their home. but wonder if neighbors with vinyl will now be a bit uneasy.
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>> i think it will be hard for the community for a little while. i don't believe i'll put up that siding. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. we've got some positive news about the job market. the labor department said the number of people signing up for unemployment benefits dropped last weak to 450,000. that's below the lowest level in two months. analysts say it is an encouraging stein economy will grow slowly for the rest of the year. that put positive figures on u.s. exports pushed stock higher. the dow gained 28 points. 10,415 was the closing level. the nasdaq was up 7 to close at 2236. the s&p went 5 points higher to close at 11:04. coming up tonight, investigators may have trouble trying to figure out what caused a barn fire that killed nearly 30 horses. strong and powerful winds tossed around cars including one with a mother and her 3-year-old
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child. two women run over when a driver jumped the curb. we'll tell you again more about that. >> reporter: sure there is an nfl game tonight. appetizer. we all know the game of consequence. sunday, cowboys/redskins. how i hate dallas. let me count the ways. coming up. news4. my maryland cousin is a dallas cowboys fan. i don't understand it. the redskins will take that one on sunday. the rain could come on sunday as well. coming up in sports, could carmelo anthony be on the move? a d.c. kid. a couple games away from the championship in years. plus, a redskins rookie said he is ready to go. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand.
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a bank customer in florida is being credited with a robbery. before any money could be handed over, a customer tackled the guy from behind. the suspect broke free and he ran out of the bank without any money. he is still at large. nobody was injured there. investigators in west virginia are looking into whether a barn fire might have been deliberately set. nearly 30 horses were killed in that massive blaze near hollywood casino at the charlietown race course on monday. a fire marshal said it could be tough to determine exactly what that because a local fire official gave the okay to clean up the scene before state fire officials could begin their investigation. they did find some possible evidence of a fair accelerant at the stable. that seven dollars being tested.
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the results are expected. the regular flu season doesn't begin until later this year. doctors recommend you get protected now for the first time ever. the centers for disease control is recommending everyone over the age of six months get a vac nation. erica edwards reports. >> reporter: this time last year the world was wearive swine flu. it was spreading fast and the vac wasn't available until october. even then, only in small batches. the h1n1 virus will be one of the flu strains circulating again this year but not at the threatening level we saw last year. the cdc is predicting a normal flu season which usually peaks in february. but they say september is not too early for a flu shot. >> there is a concern. i understand. even among some physicians that if we get vaccinated now, our protection will wane by the time
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february come around. that's not correct. >> reporter: unlike last year, flu vaccine is in abundant supply. wall greens, rite aid has it. one upgrade from the often confusing schedule of two different vaccines plus a booster, most people only need one shot this year. people over age 65 are most at risk for complications from the flu noox moan i can't, hospitalization and death. but new this year for that age group, the fda has approved a super potent flu shot called flu zone high dose. it contains four time the amount of vaccine in a regular shot. >> this enhanced potency vaccine gives the immune system more punch. it is supposed to give you more protection. >> reporter: that shot is covered by medicare and cvs and wall greens says they will soon offer vouchers for regular flu shots for those who qualify financially. nbc news. >> although most of us only need one flu shot, there is one exception. children under the age of 9 will
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need two if they only had one last year. it takes about ten days after a vaccination for the immune system to be fully protected. coming up, some stores are banning a new video game. it allows them to be taliban. the catch of a lifetime. and doug comes back with our forecast.
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there was one tornado and it was still sideways. >> that woman in texas could only watch in horror as a tornado touched down yesterday in mesquite. and flipped an suv on its side. it was even worse for the woman in that vehicle. she got a double scare because her 3-year-old son was in the back seat. >> i looked over to my right and
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i could see the tornado over there. all i could think of was my kids. my baby was in the back seat. that's all i kods. please don't let him get hurt. >> a good samaritan rescued the woman and her child and drove them to safety. they were both shaken but they were not injured. >> that is so frightening. i guess the tornado activity is related to the hurricane? >> to hermine which came onshore as a tropical storm. almost at 65 miles an hour. that's what you get with these landfalling storms them do bring in potential for numerous tornadoes in parts of texas, oklahoma and arkansas. and now one good thing from that storm. it may actually bring us some rain. it is moving our way. we are not going to see any severe weather. it may give us our best chance of rain. we haven't seen any rain here in the last three week. it was another gorgeous day today. jim vance said he was driving his convertible today. go and go and go.
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>> you didn't want to come into work. >> huh-uh. that sun shining through the trees. a great day to get out for a lunch. a great night for dinner as well. it is just perfect. the temperature across the area, we've got plenty of sun across the region. we're going to see nothing but clear skies throughout the rest of the evening. we saw a high temperature today of 81 degrees. the average high is 82. a little bit below average. it was much cooler than yesterday. yesterday we hit 96. and rather breezy today with winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour. that fire danger still out there. 79 degrees right now. the human at 29%. the winds out of the northwest at 16 miles an hour. still some gusts, upwards of 25. the winds will start to calm down. the temperatures will start to fall. 72 right now in haguetown, maryland. manassas at 77. la plata around 79. clear skies across the area. we had a cold front come through. that front is way down to the south. and now we have more cool air just sliding in from the norrth.
6:23 pm
73 in philadelphia. that cooler air will continue to funnel on in to the picture over the next 24 to 48 hours. we are going to see some very nice weather right on through the day on thursday. but overnight, right to the day on saturday. overnight, breezy and cool. 52 to 61 when you wake up and you send the kids off to the bus stop. we will see some sunshine once that sun come up. what are we going to be seeing? we'll see plenty of sun. the high slides off toward the east. behind that, we see the remnants of tropical storm hermine. making its way toward the region. once again, we are going to see a chance for some rain from this. it will not be a lot of rain but it will come on sunday. and the sunday, of course, you know with the home opener for the redskins, we're talking about the chance of rain early in the day.
6:24 pm
late in the afternoon know you should be fine. a few clouds this evening, nice, a bit breezy. 74 to 78 degrees as you step out this evening. then for tomorrow morning, a little on the cool side. breezy and cool. light jacket weather similar to this morning. even a little bit cooler than it was this morning. those winds continue to be a little on the breezy side. for tomorrow, a fantastic 48. 76 to 79 degrees. northwest winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. as we move through the next four days, a high of 79 on saturday. saturday looking spectacular. 80 on sunday and a 60% chance of rain. again, i think that would be before 3:00 in the afternoon. 82 degrees on your monday. and then next week, still very dry. again, we need to see some rain but we won't get it. we fall back down into the low to mid 70s on wednesday and thursday. a lot of people going to be out there for the game at fed-ex field tailgating. i think they will be okay after the 3:00 hour. the game should get off without a hitch.
6:25 pm
>> 3:00 is late for some of those tailgaters. >> that's early. 1:00 to 3:00, you get up and you're ready to go. >> you may get up and you may not. >> get outside and take advantage of this. coming up, new england patriots quarterback tom brady was in a crash involving a minivan today. >> somebody shot and kill a 15-year-old kid riding his bike home. plus claiming that somebody tried to buy their votes. >> reporter: why oh why oh why are there so many cowboy fans in d.c.? coming up, news4. coming up in sports, the redskins'most important rookie talks about calming his nerves. and one of d.c.'s own, kevin durant, putting on a show.
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voters in the districtñi ar being allowed to vote early for the first time and thing have been going relatively smoothly at the polls. tonight there are call for an investigation into possible vote buying in the race for mayor. more than 14,000 district residents have already taken advantage of early voting ahead of the september 14th primary next week. >> as we get closer to election day, there are questions about a few instances of attempted at least vote buying in the heated mayoral contest. >> the district's first ever use of early voting more than 14,000 people have cast ballots prior to tuesday's election day. >> early voting centers have been going very, very well. our busiest early voting center has been chevy chase. we've had no problems with the voting equipment. almost all the voters that have used them have liked them.
6:30 pm
>> but he said the early voting has been marred by at least one or two allegations that fenty voters were paid to vote. >> we've asked for an investigation into the allegation that someone was offered a job in return for their vote. >> i think it should be put to rest quickly. should be investigated immediately by the board of elections, fbi and whom ever else. >> our office will handle any investigations. i can't speak to how we'll handle the investigations. we will refer those to the authorities. this is a federal election. federal laws to apply. >> the great campaign was reacting in part to a television story in which one voter said he was told, he would be paid by a fenty worker to vote but was never paid. will gray has made no allegations himself. mayor fenty announcing a new partnership said the allegation was murky at best. he doesn't condone such behavior among his many campaign workers and he is focusing on campaign issues, in the final days of the race. >> let's get back to talking
6:31 pm
about the real issue. crime going down. education improving. city services being as good as ever. economic development all over the city. a restored hospital that we found on the brink of bankruptcy when we took over the ñrcity. those are the issues they want to hear about. my opponent will do everything possible. >> tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> within the last hour, vincent gray's campaign has filed a formal complaint with the district board of elections regarding those alleged incidents of vote buying. someone shot and killed the capitol heights teenager while he was riding his bike home. it happened late tuesday night along the 6,800 block of central avenue in prince george's county. police found 15-year-old justin suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital. the central high school freshman died yesterday afternoon. the teenager's bike, his wallet and other personal items were missing. no word on the suspect or a
6:32 pm
motive. >> virginia's transportation secretary is sounding an alarm about a troubling report. that report is expected to bring major change to the state's transportation agency. the secretary said the result of a month-long audit shows serious mismanagement within v-dot. he said major person and he will policy changes are on the way. the state will release the you had a on it september 22nd. tom brady suited up for practice today a few hours after being involved in a car accident in boston this morning. witnesses say brady's car crashed into a minivan that allegedly ran a light. neither brady nor his passenger were injured. one person in a minivan suffered what are called serious but nonlife threatening injuries. the patriots have their season opener against cincinnati bengals on sunday. for football fans, what we have coming up now is just about
6:33 pm
like dying and going to heaven. nfl season kicks off tonight right here on nbc. it is down in new orleans. the saints take on the vikings in the super bowl rematch of big events for the city that is still recovering five years after hurricane katrina. jay gray in new orleans now with more on all of this. >> reporter: i have a really tough assignment today. has the city that needs a little fun and they're having it this afternoon and this evening. the crowd is gathering at the super dome. it may not more than fun. it means funds as. with millions of dollars pouring into the city. they desperately need that. as you talk about going through the fifth anniversary, still dealing with the effects of the oil spill out in the gulf. so they are really looking for an influx of money and visitors here, trying to let every one know it is okay to come back to the big easy. spend money in their restaurants and with all the patrons here. that's what is happening. a lot of people call at this time not for fun league.
6:34 pm
but people here in the city, especially business owners and business leaders say the nfl has been very good to new orleans. having this opening game here and throughout the whole ordeal of katrina and now with the problems in the gulf. they say that the league has really slipped by them. now all they need is a win for their beloved saints. back to you. >> that must be the payback for all those weeks of covering the oil spill down at the gulf. >> and he's earned it. >> he has. he's done a great job. coming up, a new video war game is allowing gamers to play as taliban fighters shooting at american troops. a fishing ♪
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new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. this is how you know someone is serious about fishing. look at this guy down there by the airport in the muck. wading in there. i haven't seen him catching any fish. i've been watching him the last three or four minutes. what a great day to do that. let's see what's happening. plenty of sunshine, bright blue
6:38 pm
sky and just gorgeous out there. a good day to go fishing. 79 degrees outside. the northwest wind at 16 miles per hour. gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour through afternoon. it has been a little breezy. the debrises will calm down and the temperatures will cool down. 67 by 11:00. 5:00 a.m., 59 degrees. and 60 by 7:00 a.m. it is going to be a chilly morning. some areas will wake up to the 50-degree mark. especially to the northwest toward hagerstown. maybe frederick, maryland. tomorrow, martinsburg, 74 degrees. winchester at 75. tomorrow morning, the temperature there around 79 degrees. still a little on the breezy side. i'll have that four-day forecast for you including the extended forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thanks. we have an update now on our report from the top of our newscast. the pastor down in florida who had plan to burn the koran on the anniversary of the september 11 attacks announced today that he has called off the plans.
6:39 pm
he said that a deal had been struck with the imam who is responsible for the mosque in new york. and a deal had been struck to move the site of that mosque from near the world trade center. however, the imam involved in that mosque is denying that any deal has been made. a controversial new video game will not be sold at u.s. naval base stores. they are warning that there is blood, strong violence and language in its latest game called metal of honor. the game is raising eyebrows because it allows players to be taliban fighters and kill american troops. >> i see that as being like a way, well, we're having that war. it's like now we have a game where we can kill our own troops. >> the company president said it is a creative risk but the company is standing by its products.
6:40 pm
>> several local skrool among those chosen by the department have education as 2010 blue ribbon schools that announcement of the nation's top 300 schools was made today. a school without calls senior high school in northwest d.c. the education official say the school earned blue ribbon status because of the rigorous critical little. it offers to a diverse student body. other area schools recognize st. john the baptist in silver spring, new mark elementary in frederick county, and northern middle school in calvert county. lawmaker are asking for a local post office to be rename in honor of a civil rights activist. the congresswoman will introduce the bill to rename the post office lake massachusetts avenue in northeast after the doctor. she was the president of the national council of negro women. she championed countless efforts for equality in racial injustice. the bill should be introduced next week. coming up in sports, we've got carmelo anthony who could be
6:41 pm
on the move. the redskins rookie tackle preparing to line up against the tough dallas defense. i think that dude will do quite all right. he has got something going. and the skins' locker room talking about the pressures of playing in the sunday night spotlight. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor
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we've got some good stuff coming up. >> the redskins to have take care of some last-minute details. >> like what? >> name a captain, game plans, thing like that. ? have the game plans are already made, don't you think? >> yeah. but they're fine tuning. they're still trying to figure out whether albert haynesworth -- >> no! i thought you were going to over oh. >> i had to sneak him in there just for a minute to get a reaction. mike shanahan said fletcher will be team captain. shanahan will have a rotating special team captain. have the team vote on two more captains so there are eventually going to be five redskins captains. the rookie left tackle trend williams could be a captain of the future. right now he is thinking about demarcus ware. the linebacker that he will be backing on sunday night. william has had a good preseason
6:45 pm
but he's been tested by some of the best pass rushers in the game. for the most part, he has been getting rave reviews for his footwork and speed. he anticipates a few nerves but he sounds calm. >> i would probably be just as nervous. but i think i will be able to adapt to the game a little faster knowing that i, being that i've played a couple preseason games. i still have the nerves but i think i'll be fine. >> any time you have the caliber of defense, it will be a long day. he is watching a ton of film. i know he'll be ready to go. >> that is hick, a guard for the redskins. first year he's been with the team. he's been with a lot of team. he played last year with brett favre. he said during the preseason, we hit him on a postgame show. he thinks trent william will be eventually the best left tackle in football.
6:46 pm
he says, you heard him say -- >> nothing but praise. i forget what radio show. it was a couple days ago talking about, he really likes his speed, his quickness, his feet. and his grasp of the game. he seems to be getting the game like a second or third year guy. >> the kid gets it. he has a good head on his shoulders and he is going to be here for a long, long time. the redskins are hoping. >> right now the redskins, four-point underdogs. truth be told, the pressure is on dallas. he's talking about fwk first team to play a super bowl in their home stadium. the redskins still don't know what they have. specially on offense. they will have a chance to find out in football's biggest stage sunday night. in fact, a prime time game right here on nbc 4 is not lost on the players. >> it is a big deal. sunday night. the cowboys, first game. it is a division rival. the first division game. the first division game of a new
6:47 pm
era. there are so many thing leading up to it. it is football. go out and get a win. >> this is a big game. let's not kid ourselves. on a couple different levels. the division game. and dallas. a lot of different things that make this game huge. >> prime time. prime time. that's what i'm telling our guys. the other night. when it prime time, they don't get no bigger than. that they got the whole world watching. they want to see if you can really play or not. i feel confident. the guys in the locker room, go out and give them a show. >> did you get a chance to see the virginia tech boise state right away? >> yeah. good game. >> that stadium was rocking. i mean, the college fan, it is a different fan than a professional football fan. i would love to see 80% of that crowd noise there.
6:48 pm
>> lots of crowd noise you get there is the kind you don't want. you get the drunks cuss. >> is crowd noise a problem when we played dallas at home? >> it used to be. >> is it not enough? >> it could be more. i don't know. it was just so loud for that college game. it was unbelievable. and maybe it is just because it was the first game when they had the big screens which really make a difference. eighth lot of guys are looking forward to sunday night. moving on to basketball. carmelo anthony. have you heard of him? he could be headed to chicago. that according to the bulls reportedly considering shipping him to denver for anthony who says he does not plan to re-sign. meanwhile, the home town kid came within two point of tying carmelo's world championship team scoring record. he led team usa to a win over russia with 33 points. the u.s. now in the semifinals where they will play lithuania.
6:49 pm
tim usa playing on the 38th anniversary of the 1972 goal medal game. the controversial game. no controversy here because kevin durant was just in the flow of the entire game. hits the three there. he had 9 points in the first half. third quarter, u.s. up by nine. forcing russia to make some mistakes. russell westbrook with the steal. he is going the other way. he will keep it all by himself. he finished with 12 points in the game. westbrook, a teammate of kevin durant with oklahoma city. the fourth quarter, kevin durant. a spin move here. stops and pops. 33 in the game for durant. the u.s. defeats russia 89-79. they will face lithuania in the semifinal on saturday. the wizards will try something new. midnight madness. made popular by the colleges, and they're going to work that theme. an open practice for fans and player introductions. i'm not positive about this.
6:50 pm
but it certainly has to be one of the first time i've ever done this in the nba. midnight madness for the wizards on september 28th. meanwhile turks open. roger federer moving on. mrs. federer sitting with gwen. enjoying a mint, hanging out. a match. in the near court. robin with the weak return. and he puts it away easily. his wife' name, clapping. federer takes the first step. he is 181 and 6 when he wins the first set. he was absolutely dominant. passing shot right there. the third set. now federer in the far court, taking advantage of mistakes by soderling. federer with the little drop shot, coming up. he said just forget about it. you're not even going to get that one. don't worry about it one bit. the match point. soderling is irate. what i am a going to do with this guy? this is like the federer of old.
6:51 pm
he ends it with a pair of aces. he advances to a seventh straight u.s. open semifinal. 6-4, 6-4 and 7-5 getting a standing ovation from everybody. >> i love that. >> kind of relieved. >> a rough time of it this year. >> thank you. coming up, the battle of the fans.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
a new survey that ranks the most popular team. >> some redskins fans won't be too happy. according to neilsen, the dallas cowboys are america's team. the pittsburgh steelers came in second in this bogus survey, follow by the new york giants. >> i'm surprised. >> the redskins came in way down at number 11? washington will take on their arch rivals, the dallas cowboys on sunday night. and pat collins found a lot of fans that are already getting into the spirit. >> reporter: new gm. new coach. new quarterback. new strengths bring new hope for redskins fans. >> i think the best thing that happened to them is getting donavan mcnabb.
6:55 pm
>> mcnabb. >> he is the main man on the field. >> do you like mcnabb? >> i love him. >> reporter: can he do it? >> all the way. >> reporter: all way with mcnabb? >> all the way. >> oh, donavan. oh, donavan. they're downing on you. >> reporter: t-three days until redskins cowboys. how i hate dallas. let me count the ways. if i stay word dallas, how do you feel inside? >> it makes my skin crawl. >> they're the embodyment of evil. >> i hate their uniform. >> reporter: 40 years of hatred. how does it feel? >> it feels great. >> reporter: are you feeling the hate. >> i feel the hate. >> reporter: dallas on the top of the box. cowboys written on the side of the box. do you have any idea how that got there? >> i had someone make it for me. >> reporter: you are a dallas fan. >> i am. >> reporter: but you live here. >> yes. >> reporter: how does this happen?
6:56 pm
>> i don't know. >> reporter: why oh why oh why are there so many cowboy fans here in d.c.? >> i've always loved them. since emmett smith. >> reporter: you're a washingtonian. >> it doesn't mean anything. >> i ride by fed-ex every day. >> reporter: you're a cowboys fan? >> don't hold it against me. i'm a nice guy. >> there are so many cowboy fans in washington. have you noticed that in. >> what's going on? what are we going to do with them. >> i don't know. i think we need to put them back on their horse and put them out. >> drive them out of town. >> a round-up. >> round them up. send them back to dallas. >> reporter: so why, why, why so many cowboy fans in d.c.? >> we need an intervention. maybe that will come sunday night. i'm pat collins, news4, washington. >> always a lot of excitement
6:57 pm
surrounding a match-up between the redskins and the cowboys. that is certainly true this time. a special guest even dropped in on the set of "meet the press" with david gregory to talk about the game. >> so it remain to be seen if the new direct here in washington will make the difference everyone is hoping for. that is all for today. thanks for watching. i'm david gregory. if it's sunday, its "meet the press." >> yeah, well everybody knows, sunday night is football night. donavan mcnabb makes his redskins debut. tony romo and the dallas cowboys. sunday night, football night. only on nbc. >> okay then. >> was he really here? >> apparently nobody told us. i would lake to meet donavan. you know? anyway, so would doug, would not you? kind of what you expect. >> you two have a bond.
6:58 pm
>> we have a bond. >> at least let us know next time he is in our own building. >> that would really be nice. what are we looking like on sun? >> the make row phone? >> there you go. i have a cousin who lives in columbia, maryland. a dallas fan. john first quarter you're watching right now, buddy. huh-uh. it's not happening. let's look at what's happening across the airport. looking pretty good. what a great day. this is one of those days you want to go outside. roll the windows down and take a drive. 76 degrees currently outside. the temperatures will continue to fall as we look to the next four days. look at the 79 degrees for your saturday. 80 on sunday. yes, we will see some shower activity on sunday. but i think it will be out of here just in time for game time. and i'll tell you what. the rain could help soften the feel just enough to help us out. >> all right. we can use it. are the microphone working? >> this would work, yes. >> probably my phone.
6:59 pm
>> send someone over to radio shack. jason lives in denmark. he was fishing near his village recently. the fish weren't biting. that happens sometime. he said his mind started to drift. i know what that's like. he happened to look down into the water and he saw something shiny. he fished it out of the water. do you know what it turns out to be? a gold bracelet weighing five ounces. look at that. he took it to his local museum. the historians there were delighted. they say that bracelet dates back to the ninth century. the early viking age. it was found on an important viking trade route. he turned it over to the museum. they're going to give him $1700. it seems they should give him more. he told danish tv but he said he thinks it's more fun to catch fish because they put up more of a fight. "nightly news" is next.

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